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Last Friday, IMDb reported the following minor news item of interest to Tolkien fans:

Luscious Lord Of The Rings lovely Liv Tyler felt like an "ignoramus" when she was offered a part in the movie - because she'd never read the book. But the gorgeous actress says she's now fully clued up as to what the tome is all about. She says, "When they approached me to play the role I had to admit I'd never read the book. I felt like a complete ignoramus because it's so well known. But I'm fully clued up now and I know what it's all about." Tyler even took her dedication to the role as far as learning to speak Elvish. She explains, "It's a legitimate language. There are only a certain amount of people in the world who can speak it, like Oxford professors and whatnot. It's such a beautiful language too, it's really brilliant - I can even speak a few lines."

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