Latest trailer is currently in theaters! - Trailer spotted in a huge THX-approved theater

As you may know, Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey has been digitally remastered and premiered last Friday in Seattle (other major cities in the U.S. will be getting it in the coming weeks).

I checked it out, and what did they play before the feature? You got it: the "Angel" trailer.

Now, trailers aren't always attached to certain films, it's up to the theater. Chances are the Cinerama attached the trailer to promote Fellowship because they're the ones getting it come December. So I'm not guaranteeing you'll see the trailer if you go see the re-release of 2001 (it's only hitting major cities anyways due to the lack of 70mm-capable equipment). But this is solid evidence that film prints of the new trailer HAVE been struck and are currently in circulation.

Did anything seem different seeing the footage onscreen, as opposed to on TV or a computer monitor? The colors seemed, to me, the same as what I've seen on my computer screen (others may have differently calibrated monitors, though). But the CGI seemed much more seamless when projected on a huge screen. That's pretty much all the differences I noticed. Oh, yeah: it was LOUD.

So, call your local cinema and ask them if they've attached the trailer to anything. And if 2001 DOES come to your area, do yourself a favor and go see a restored print of a film that would NEVER be made today.

PS Sorry this report got online so late.

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