Is Peter Jackson Preparing a Theatrical Lord of the Rings Documentary?

Peter Jackson Directs Sam and Frodo in Shelobs LairPeter Jackson Directs Sam and Frodo in Shelobs LairAin't It Cool News interviewed Lord of the Rings DVD Producer Michael Pellerinand came away with a few tasty tidbits:

1. A Lord of the Rings box set is still being planned (Another DVD release? This one had better be Blu-ray or HD-DVD!).

"It's interesting because [the King Kong] DVD release is somewhat different than the LORD OF THE RINGS because on LORD OF THE RINGS we were still holding back stuff for the box set, which we still plan to do. We talked about it recently, talked to Peter about it."

2. Peter Jackson is preparing a theatrical documentary of The Lord of Rings films.

"He's planning on making his own feature length [Lord of the Rings] documentary... like, for theatrical release. That'll be heavy-duty. If you notice there were a lot of things that never appeared anywhere, like the deleted scenes, the gags... that was on purpose."

At what point can we say enough is enough? Another behind the scenes documentary? Another DVD release? Would he please just get on with making The Hobbit! :)

Click here for the entire interview

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