Ioreth to Appear in "Return of the King" Film - However, the actress portraying the wise-woman of Minas Tirith's Houses of Healing is not yet known

Ioreth's rememberance of lore helped restore Faramir to health.
Michael Martinez has announced to subscribers to his Tolkien webring that the wise-woman of Minas Tirith's Houses of Healing will appear in the final film of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Michael had this to add:

She wants to avoid getting into trouble, however, so she isn't talking to anyone (for now). I could publish her name but having already asked for a chance to speak with her and been turned down I feel like I should just let it go.

Still, I wanted to share the knowledge that this minor character made the cut. I think some people will be happy to hear that.

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