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Caught wind of the following article over at Ringbearer. Here's an excerpt (and the only mention of LOTR). Perhaps he'll be an ent...?

Tumour puts mission on hold
The New Zealand Herald - January 15, 2000

Ents are TallHUNTLY - A towering Waikato teenager has been forced to put a promising American basketball career on hold while doctors deal with the reappearance of a tumour in his brain.

But the delay has had a positive spinoff for John Thocolich, who stands 2.24m (7ft 4in) and wears size 23 footwear.

His phenomenal height has won him an extra's role in the mega-budget movie Lord of the Rings, and he will use the cash to go on a two-year mission for his Mormon church.

Thocolich has already had a series of operations to remove the tumour, which affects the pituitary gland that produces the growth hormone.

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