In the News: One News - Filming Raises Conservation Fears

New Zealand news station One News had the following short piece on the rising fears of damage to the natural preserves by Peter Jackson's film crews.

One News - November 12, 1999

An environmental group is worried that filming of the Lord of the Rings movie in several national parks could compromise their conservation values.

The Department of Conservation has agreed to let film maker Peter Jackson's company film on sites in the Mount Owen area near Murchison, the Wakatipu Basin near town, and Te Anau and Fiordland.

Conservation Minister Nick Smith says DOC has attached a series of strict environmental conditions to the consent, and compliance will be monitored by DOC staff on-site.

But Barry Lawrence of the Wakatipu Environmental Society says incessant helicopter noise from another company filming there is already proving disruptive.

Filming in the South Island will start next week and could continue for up to nine months.

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