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Joram over at Ringbearer got this article emailed to him. Short, sweet, and to the point...

Lord of Rings Crew Getting on Fine
The Press, Christchurch - January 18, 2000

There is no division between Kiwis and Americans on the set of The Lord of The Rings, project spokeswoman Claire Raskind says. Her reassurance follows the resignation last week of New Zealand producer Tim Sanders, who stepped down from running operations on the $360 million trilogy being directed by his friend Peter Jackson.

Sanders helped set up the project by using his Kiwi contacts to co-ordinate the New Zealand film crews. Speculation there was a clash between Sanders and representatives from United States production company New Line Cinema, which is financing the project, was untrue, Ms Raskind said. Sources say some of the Kiwi crew have been unhappy with the pay they were getting compared to US counterparts. -NZPA

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