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Do you remember Eddie McCarthy? The guy who wrote an article for the New Zealand paper Contact on his involvement as an extra in The Lord of the Rings? Well, just make sure you've already won an Oscar before you write an article... 'Course, Eddie ain't all that bad off either...

Thanks for sending this in, Susan!

It's OK for a big name actor to spill the beans

Contact - February 3, 2000

Pity poor Eddie McCarthy. Black-listed for writing an account of his time as an amateur extra in Lord Of The Rings in Contact -- and not spilling a single bean in the telling.

Then there's Ian McKellen. He's a big name actor from England. He gets a big part. He plays Gandalf. He writes an account of his time filming Lord Of The Rings -- and posts it on his website for all the world to see.

There's the description of Hobbiton, the village half a mile from Cambridge that was constructed a year ago. The description of the costumes, his appearance, the cast, the cast party. And he describes the soundtrack on the early videotapes -- it was "uneven".

Bet he's not in trouble!

As for Eddie -- well, a bit of publicity, good or bad, hasn't hurt.

He's now landed a part in Ivanhoe. And later this week they're trialing him for a speaking part.

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