In the News: It's a Zoo out There! -

The guys over at Tolkien-Movies picked this one up. The story is about the treatment that animals are getting down in New Zealand.

It's a Zoo out there!

Filming of outdoors scenes in the Matamata region of New Zealand's' North Island has concluded as production now moves back onto the sound stages in Wellington.

As the filming of the panoramic rural scenes around Matamata comes to an end, locals are left pondering just which of the "extras" were getting paid. With a cast of not just humanoid creatures, questions arose as to just how much the assorted goats, sheep, chickens and horses used in some scenes were getting paid.

Said LOR publicist Claire Raskin with tongue firmly in cheek, "of course they were getting paid, "They all had their own umbrellas, "It was very Hollywood!"

The introductory scenes to all three movies are now being shot indoors, with this filming set to continue until April when, as winter approaches, expect to see some winter scenes starting to be shot.

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