In the News: Hobbit wanted - but no little people need apply - Article and Interview With Peter Jackson

The Guardian Unlimited Network has posted a wonderful article about the new movies. The author interviewed Peter Jackson in the process of completing this article. Below is one of the great quotes you will find in this article. Check it out!

"I'm a real believer in trying to push yourself. And if you're a film-maker, I don't think there's anything more amazing to be involved with than The Lord of the Rings. It's the holy grail of film-making. It's a once in a lifetime experience, and if we do it and we can be proud, then we want to retire when it's all over."

"We are going to make a very personal movie, our interpretation, what's in our heads. This is not a definitive version that replaces the word. The Lord of the Rings is a wonderful masterpiece and will always be so."

For anyone who is looking forward to the movies, check this article out.
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