In the News: Blind Guardian Interview - Heavy Metal Band Hopeful for Movie Involvement

Matthew Bass from Tolkien-Movies has come across a great interview with the guys from the band Blind Guardian--a band whose most recent album, Nightfall in Middle-Earth, is based entirely on Tolkien's works. Here's an excerpt:

We were all, more or less, born as Tolkien fans and started our skill, the one or the other ignorant of course call it rubbish, 14 years ago, when we all were almost ready to enter our "tweens." From these days on we gained popularity day by day and finally, even without the big push of any record company, we became one of the biggest heavy metal bands worldwide. The biggest step we have made with our actual output Nightfall in Middle-Earth. This one has caused a lot of attention everywhere and is announced as one of the best metal albums ever, not only by the fans, but also by the critics.

Click here for the full article.
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