Ian McKellen's Continued Correspondence - Gandalf Updates his E-Post

Thanks to Kevin for letting us know that Ian McKellen has updated his site. Here are a few of the questions he answers at his site:

Ian McKellen - Gandalf·What's your Gandalf costume like?

·Sir, Gandalf does some rather extensive riding in the later two books, (bareback of all things...) How will this be handled in the film?

·Because of the early attempts to compare Lord of the Rings with Star Wars and given the fact that in many ways the old Obi-Wan is a take-off of Gandalf, are you intending on playing Gandalf in a manner to differentiate your performance from Sir Alec Guinness?

·Would you consider reprising your role of Gandalf for a possible film version of The Hobbit?

·What are your thoughts (and fears) concerning the confrontation with the Balrog?

Check it out over at McKellen.com

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