Have we Gone too Far or Not Far Enough? - An Examination of Online Fandom

Michael Martinez of Xenite.org has posted his most recent Suite 101 article on the state of Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fandom on the internet. It is rather thought-provoking (especially for us Tolkien webmasters) and quite interesting. Here's an excerpt:

I created Lord of the Rings movie / Hobbit movie Fact/Rumor Roundup in January 1998 as a reaction to the 5-10 daily questions in the Tolkien news groups about the rumored movie. People in the news groups were getting fed up with the way strangers would come barging in demanding to know what was going on without even bothering to read the discussion threads which EXPLAINED what was going on (which, at the time, was nothing). So I didn't get into the movie reporting business out of fannish love, for the money, or even with good intentions.

Other than that, I'm a full-fledged card-carrying member of the LOTR movies Webmasters club. I am in the door. I have the right to speak. And today I'm going to speak my piece.

Click here to read the entire article.

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