Good News From the Tolkien Ensemble - CDs released in USA

This release was published by the Tolkien Ensemble :

The Tolkien Ensemble's two CD's "An Evening in Rivendell" & "A Night in Rivendell" has been rereleased in a 2 CDbox under the title: 24 Songs from The Lord of the Rings.

It is released in USA and run by the chain *Borders Books & Music* (320 stores in America) and *Virgin Megastores* and *Tower Records* sells them too.

Till now The Tolkien Ensemble has sold 12,000 copies of their CD's.

The Tolkien Ensemble gives 3 Concerts in Rundetaarn in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The programme will be both old "hits" and brand new songs to be released on the next CD At Dawn in Rivendell.


6 October, 8PM
11 October, 8PM
3 November, 8PM

Tickets: 100 Kroner

We are looking very much forward to the concerts.

All the best wishes
Caspar Reiff

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