Golden Globe Results - Fellowship didn't fare to well...

The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring was nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards. Sadly, it failed to win any of them.

Best Motion Picture Score: Howard Shore was nominated for this award for his Fellowhip of The Ring score. However, he lost out to Craig Armstrong, the composer of "Moulin Rouge".

Best Original Song: Enya was nominated for this award for her song, "May It Be". She lost out to Sting for his song "Until" from "Kate and Leopold".

Best Director: Our own Peter Jackson was nominated for Best Director for The Fellowship of The Ring. Sadly, Robert Altman snagged the award for his film, "Gosford Park".

Film of The Year: Fellowship of The Ring as nomitated for best Drama Film of The Year. However, the trend we had hoped the AFI Awards would set, did not hold out this time. "A Beautiful Mind" took home the Golden Globe for Best Drama Film.

Well, a bit of a setpack in the Awards field. All I can say is, Good luck at The Oscars, FOTR!

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