GlassHammer Presents: - Live from Middle-earth

I got an e-mail from the guys at Glasshammer. We met them at Dragon*Con this year. They have created several different musical pieces related to Middle-earth. I have listened to a couple pieces from the album. The album's name is Live from Middle-earth. Check out their website for more details.

I personally, love this music. If there is ever a Massive Multi-player game set in Middle-earth, I hope to hear this music when I walk into the taverns in Bree.

Here is a bit from their website:

...I'm not even sure how we got back home again after the performance ended; the memory of that evening is a haze of drink, warm company, laughter, raucous jests, and a performance by us so inspired that it could only be called magical.

However, there are three things I can remember for certain:

One: We had a fantastic time, as did the audience who'd gathered to hear us play -- dozens of dwarves, humans, and hobbits, and a Ranger or two. There were even a couple of suspicious looking sorts who lurked in the shadows at the back of the room. Half-orcs perhaps?

Two: When they tell you not to go outside after dark because shadowy men with no faces are running about waving swords and casting spells, then don't go outside after dark!

Three: Always, always, ALWAYS get your money up front when you play for hobbits!

And, this just in...

Soft-footed hobbit thieves have sneaked into Sound Resources and returned with this, a tentative list of tracks for "Live from Middle-earth":

As I Walk
The King's Beer
Night and Day (The Tale of Elrenn Walthair and Endereth Tamarel)
The Man In The Wood
Sweet Goldberry
The Old Troll
The Old Troll and The Maiden
Dwarf and Orc (A Tale Of Balin Longbeard)
No Crown For Balin
and -- back by popular demand! -- Balin Longbeard
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