Give Us 22 Minutes, and We'll Give You Middle-Earth - Cirdan Likes What He Sees In LotR Footage

Cirdan, webmaster of Der Herr der Ringe, sees twenty-two minutes of Lord of the Rings footage at a secret screening in Germany. Unfortunately, no details (except for confirming what that hilltop fortress topped with eagle statues is), but plenty of enthusiasm.

A webmaster´s dream becomes reality!! The German distributer Kinowelt invited me to an secret lotr-marketing-event this week in an big german cinema. And I saw 22 minutes of the LOTR-Footage. It was so exciting and full of details! Peter Jackson really cought the atmosphere of the books. But I am so sorry to say, that am not allowed to speak about anything I saw. The only thing I can say is -- trust in Peter Jackson, he is the right director for this movie!

BTW: The building with the three eagles is definitly Amon Hen where Frodo says good-by to Aragorn ;-)

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