Gandalf's Mailbag - Ian McKellen Answers his Email

Keith from the Official Ian McKellen Website let us know about a new feature for his site: the "E-Post" feature. Here's what he said:

"We have added a new "mailbag" feature to This is called
'E-POST' and may be found at
This feature gives Sir Ian a place to respond to the many emails he
receives on a variety of subjects, starting with X-MEN and THE LORD OF

Sir Ian answers questions like:

·Do you think all the characters in Tolkien's book have to be White/Caucasian?

·Have you listened to the different voices for Gandalf used in the cartoon production of The Hobbit, the BBC Audio adaptation of Lord of the Rings, the BBC Audio adaptation of The Hobbit, or the animated adaptation of Lord of the Rings?

·Have you perfected blowing smoke rings, or will these be added later by the CGI techs?

Cool stuff! Check it out here.

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