Galadriel With Pointy Ears and Gills - According to a Cate Blanchett interviewer, the Lady of Lorthlorien will speak "Elfish"

Dark Horizons scored an exclusive interview with Cate Blanchett about her role in The Gift. However, when the subject turned to Lord of the Rings, well, the interviewer's knowledge of Tolkien is apparently quite watered-down.

As unique an experience it was playing a Southern widow with psychic abilities, so to was working on the highly elaborate and much anticipated Lord of the Rings. "Both of these films were uncharted territory", such as in the case of Rings, dealing with blue screen special effects and prosthetics. "It was like stepping into a video game for me". She talks with childish enthusiasm about the experience of playing Galadriel in the trilogy. "I basically did it so I could have the ears", she says smilingly. "They were so sweet, because they actually made little bronze castings of my ears. I loved all of that stuff". Yet again, Blanchett adopts a royal posture, though this time, she is not queen of England but queen of the Elves, a different proposition. "She's incredibly different from Elizabeth, beginning with those ears". She also has to speak like an elf. "Tolkien actually wrote a language called Elfish, and there ARE, to my astonishment, Elfish experts, people who speak fluent Elfish". In the film, she does speak Elfish, and describes the language as "really beautiful, similar to Welsh and a melange of other Celtic languages".

All kidding of our friends at Dark Horizons aside, please follow the link below to read the Cate Blanchett interview in its entirety.

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