EXCLUSIVE!!! Photograph of Lord of the Rings Movie Set! - Lips Sealed Over Seatoun Village.

Kevin R just sent in this INCREDIBLE image from the Wellington Evening Post, the Saturday, September 18 issue. WOW! The style surely fits my imagination of what Ted and I conclude must be Bree. Though there is no other confirmation yet that this is indeed a set for the movies, the Wellington Evening Post seems pretty sure that it is (anybody else out there have any word on this set? email us!). Click on the image at the right for the full size, 252k, image (great resolution--thanks Kevin!).

And all of you who live near Seatoun (or the countryside west of Masterton or South Island--the other sites mentioned in the article), break out those cameras and send those pictures in! We're all anxious to see more new images of this first wide glimpse of the Lord of the Rings movie set!

The excitement is palpable now!

Click the link below to read the accompanying article.
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