Exclusive!  SPOILER: Orc Pictures from New Zealand :SPOILER - Pictures of What the Orcs are Going to Look Like

I've been sent the following drawings by someone who lives in the magical land of New Zealand. He spotted some Orcs scouring the countryside and brought it to my attention. I have never seen an orc so I was fortunate enough when my friend had paper and pencil handy when I asked what they looked like. My neighbor spotted this gentleman a couple days later and asked if we could share this with the community so that we could keep a watch out for these evil orcs. Our kind friend thought it would be ok, but asked in exchange that we not bring up his name or where he came from. So with the darkness slipping away and the morning sun rising, our friend quietly disappeared.

Again, these pictures are hand drawn by a non-artist. Also the design may change so these might not be final rendering. For those of you who do click on these pictures remember that Orcs are corrupted elves, not pig-like Gammorian Guards from Return of the Jedi and no matter how much you whine and complain, it will not change the fact that Tolkien wrote it that way years ago.

This could be a considered a spoiler. So click at your own risk.

Orc (Front)1
Orc (Front)2
Orc (Front)3
Orc (Front)4
Orc (Side)1

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