Eomer Speaks! - Karl Urban answers the Fans' Questions

Update: We're seeking permission to broadcast this session. We will have it back up as soon as possible!

We've got quite a treat for you after our first day here at Dragon*Con! At 7pm, Karl Urban, the man cast as Eomer, held a question and answer session today with all us Tolkien fans here in Atlanta... Of course, he wasn't able to give a lot of particular information about the films (non-disclosure agreements and such), but he did give a lot info about the happenings on the set. It's a great way to experience all the stuff that isn't reported by the regular news channels--the meticulous work on the set, the attitudes of the actors and actresses, and what it's like to work with Peter Jackson. Go to the Tolkien Online Dragon*Con update page and click on the "Eomer Speaks!" links.

We've also added the other Dragon*Con Tolkien Track sessions so far, including the introduction by Michael Martinez of Xenite.org, and his second session, "Reconstructing Middle-earth." Check them out here!

What a great change from yesterday's airline catastrophe... :-)

Hangin' out with Eomer in Atlanta... for a second, at least.
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