EMPIRE cover - Film Preview Ranks LotR #1 Anticipated Film of 2001

My local independent bookstore carries the British, large-format film magazine EMPIRE. Its February 2001 cover features Elijah Wood as Frodo gazing at a sword. The "screamer" says something about THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The monthly feature article is about the 21 most anticipated films for 2001. LotR is ranked #1. The other films have one-page illustrated articles. LotR has a two-page spread, with a large photo of Gandalf to the left and a number of smaller photos at the top of the facing page with a brief article. There's nothing new here, but because of the size, it's better than the EW article. (By the way, has anyone else commented on how artificial Saruman's hair and beard look? I hope it looks better on-screen!). The magazine cover gives an web address, but I don't remember it and I haven't looked at the site.
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