E-Post Update - Ian McKellen (aka Gandalf) Answers More Questions

Gandalf leads the Fellowship
Ian McKellen continues to answer fans' questions about Gandalf and The Lord of the Rings. Here are some of the questions he answers in this round:

·Are the other actors in the production using the proper accents?

·Gandalf is, at heart, a very funny character - and Peter Jackson has a sharp sense of humor. How do you think, Sir, that the comic elements are being handled in the script?

·This may seem inconsequential, but I have been very curious about the appearance of Gandalf's nose. Will his nose be yours, or has it been altered with makeup or a prosthesis?

·What was your first conference with Peter Jackson like?

Oh, and by the way, there's a pretty neat photo of Gandalf's shadow by Sir Ian himself!

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