E-Post - Ian McKellen Conjures Up A Few Bits And Bobs About Gandalf

Ian McKellen answers more fan questions on his official website, referencing The Lord of the Rings in a couple of his responses:

Q: I thoroughly enjoyed the BBC/Masterpiece Theater presentation of David Copperfield. I must especially compliment you on your performance as the cruel ­ but strangely sympathetic ­ schoolmaster. I do have one Dickens related question: have you ever considered bringing The Old Curiosity Shop to screen?

A: A few years ago I was offered a television film of The Old Curiosity Shop and turned it down the role of "Grandfather" partly because I felt I was too often cast as older than I really am. Yet here I am filming Gandalf, whose real age is a few thousand years old!

Q: I am an Italian non professional actor and I appreciate very much your work. I would like to have the opportunity to see you in a live performance and I have heard that you are coming to Italy in Autumn. Is it true?

A: I am filming Lord of the Rings until Christmas, so shall not be in Italy this year. The last time I acted there was as Hamlet in Rome (1971).

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