Dark Horizon’s Most Anticipate Films of 2001 - “Lord of the Rings” comes in third

Dark Horizons ranks Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings as the third most anticipated film of 2001 (Hannibal and Planet of the Apes came in first and second, respectively):

George Lucas couldn't save "Willow", ditto for Ridley Scott & Tom Cruise with the flawed masterpiece "Legend", and then there's the garden variety fodder like this year's flop-o-rama "Dungeons & Dragons". Like the aforementioned computer game-to-film genre, the sword & sorcery epic has never translated into a decent film both content wise and at the box-office. On the upside Director Peter Jackson has one of the most powerful & popular stories of all time to base the film on plus the fact that this is all done in a trilogy gives the story plenty of time to breathe and include all its elements. The future of the fantasy genre, New Line Cinema, Peter Jackson's career, American filmmaking in New Zealand, and the expectations of a whole generation of newcomers who were born too late to be swept up in the "Star Wars" craze rides on this trilogy. With at least $200 million involved and everyone watching, this is one of the biggest gambles in Hollywood - ever.

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