Cinescape Comments on the LOTR Footage - ShoWest 2000 Report

Here's what Cinescape had to say about the LOTR footage shown at ShoWest on Tuesday:

This was the one everyone was waiting for. Hoping for the six-minute promotional shown in New Zealand last week, New Line chose instead to present a package especially made for ShoWest which combined quick clips from the movie interspaced by lengthier behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew. A quick opening shot of what appeared to be Gollum quickly dissolved to a set piece with Elijah Wood and Sean Astin--in hobbit gear, of course--talking about the production of this grand trilogy. Director Peter Jackson also appeared, showing how some of the technical accomplishments are being handled and explaining how it is only now, with the technology available today, that a tale like Lord of the Rings could be brought to the screen.

Actual film footage included shots of Liv Tyler on horseback, huge sword battles, and masses of mounted men ranging over hills in the grand epic fashion of the novel. Scenes showing the computer-shrunk hobbits intermingling with normal-sized humans are said to be amazing, and a quick closing shot of Ian McKellan as Gandalf proved him a perfect choice for the part of the old wizard.

For a second time the hard-boiled audience of exhibitors was brought to applause.

Signs look positive... Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

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