Chapter Seven: THERE AND BACK AGAIN: A Geek's Adventure in Middle Earth! - Ain't It Cool News

Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles returns to Denethor's Hall and meets Alan Lee. Here is a brief excerpt:

I march back to set, to find all the statues along the left side of the building removed as the crew had redressed that area as a corridor in Minas Tirith that contains a rather poignant quiet moment between Pippin and Faramir.

The moment comes after Pippin has his chainmail and Gondorian battle outfit… no bigger than that of a child’s. Faramir comes up… amused by the little Pippin and his bravery… They share a laugh, when Pippin asks him, "Your father, Why is he so angry?" there is a pause, "I only ask because I would help if I could…" And Faramir tells him, "There is nothing you can do, Pippin (pause) look after yourself."

This scene really really got me. I don’t believe it is in the books, but there was something truly genuine about the moment. Just so you know… Billy Boyd’s Pippin is a slightly softer version of the voice Filby (as marvelously played by Alan Young) has in George Pal’s TIME MACHINE. There is a soft lightness to his tone… and a cheerful spirit in the eyes… Pippin makes me smile. And David Wenham’s Faramir is noble and tragic at the same time…. The ‘lessor son’ with the ill father. David plays it with a wonderful breadth of emotion… a killer smile, strong and understanding eyes… and it helps that his costume screams… "Coolness"

While we were shooting this scene… Alan Lee appeared on set, MUCH TO MY DELIGHT!

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