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What will Cate Blanchett be like as Galadriel? The reviews she's getting for The Gift give us a lot of encouragement.

Cate Blanchett is receiving positively rapturous notices for her performance in Sam Raimi's The Gift which goes into national release today following a run last month in Los Angeles to qualify for an Oscar. "At year's end, when movie lovers are looking back on the best of 2001," Joe Morgenstern forecasts in the Wall Street Journal, "they will still be marveling at the beauty, intelligence and seemingly effortless mastery of Ms. Blanchett's performance." In fact, Oscar voters will be able to evaluate her performance earlier. As Jack Mathews observes in today's New York Daily News, "There were few, if any, better performances in 2000 than the one Blanchett gives here." Director Raimi receives much praise as well, with Jay Carr of the Boston Globe writing that his "savvy direction turns [The Gift] into a sure-handed thriller." But at the film's heart, writes Steven Rea in the Philadelphia Inquirer, "there's Blanchett, an actress whose instincts are unerring, and dead-on."

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