Calling Middle-earth? Might as Well do it in Style... - French Telecartes

Kaplan emailed me with these two scans and the following info, explaining exactly what they are:

These are 2 telecartes with the 2 LOTR teaser poster visuals (in France you don’t use coins in a phone booth, only this kind of card which, in fact, looks exactly like credit cards). I think it's the first time in France that a movie is on a Telecarte (and 4 months before it's release). The retailer told me that these telecartes are released only for 2 months. They are limited and the one where Frodo is looking at the Ring in his hand will be really hard to find because it was made in a smaller number.

When you look behind the cards, there is a phone number for a big contest to win a trip to New Zealand (and visit the location sets it seems). The phone number is: 00 33 892 700 753 (that’s when you call from the USA, in France it’s only 0 892 700 753). When you call this number, you can hear the French voices of Aragorn, Frodo etc...

Thanks Kaplan!

Telecartes card.

This one is gonna be a little more difficult to find.
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