Building a Better Bakshi? - What the animated Lord of the Rings could have been...

I received the following from Ben, who in turn received it from a friend of his... I haven't seen Princess Mononoke, so I can't give any knowledgeable comments about this claim. What do you guys think? Talk back in the Messageboard.

If you liked Lord of the Rings, you might like the movie "Princess Mononoke". Reviewers have describe it as a full-length Japanese anime, with ecological themes. Which it is, but I think it is most reminiscent of what a truly good animated film version of Lord of the Rings would be like, with a big forest, talking animals, swordfights, sorcery/demons, etc. The one downfall of the movie is that it is impossible to figure out the motivations of the main character, he's clearly a good guy but then why is he sometimes helping and sometimes fighting against both the humans and the animals. Similarly the plot during the movie, and even at the end doesn't add up.

The motion of the animation is very ordinary, and the main drawing of the characters are only decent. But the background drawings of the forest and mountiains are spectacular.

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