Blanchett Turns Down Role in Favor of LotR - There are Spiders in LotR

I picked this one up over at Not a whole lot about Lord of the Rings, but it does mention that Blanchett had to turn down a roll in the upcoming Spiderman movie. If anyone lives in Sydney, can you check this one out?

"I read in today's Daily Telegraph (a Sydney daily newspaper) that Cate Blanchett has passed on an offer to be in the Spiderman movie. It seems that Sam Raimi, who is currently working with her on The Gift, wanted her to leave six weeks of her schedule free for shooting on Spiderman after The Gift wraps up. Blanchett had to refuse, however, as she will be tied up for a year on Lord of the Rings after The Gift. There was no mention of what role she was asked to play, nor was there a source attributing the information."

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