Bernard Hill Interview - 55 and Ready to Ride...

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I received this article and image from Alison a while back, but in my haste when we launched the new site, failed to post it... Sorry Alison (but many thanks for the image)! As they say (though somehow I'm usually the one to say it), "better late than never!"

Here's a short clip from the article (click the image at right to read the whole thing):

"It's been good to get home and spend time with my family, though now I'm off to New Zealand for months to film The Lord of the Rings with Ian

Holm, Sean Bean and Ian McKellan.

I play Theoden, King of Rohan, an all-action, middle-aged hero! I'll be there most of the year...

There are three films in all, although I'm only in two... and I hope my wife and our son Gabriel, who is four and a half, will be joining me."

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