Bean is a Go - Sean Bean is confirmed in LOTR by his agent.

The Compleat Sean Bean is giving a final confirmation that Bean (best known, perhaps for his role as 006 in the James Bond flick GoldenEye) will indeed be in the Lord of the Rings movie as Boromir. If you remember, Bean's agent released a warning of sorts a couple of weeks ago telling all of us fans not to be too sure about Bean playing Boromir in the movies because no deal had been signed yet; looks like the deal went through. Honestly, this is the casting role I'm most satisfied with... Maybe because Bean has already portrayed a traitor as 006, and Boromir--on a lesser level--has that similar sort of disposition.

In any case, we'll being hearing plenty of confirmations in the near future... Filming commences October 11th--that's only 18 days!

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