Announcing the Cast of LOTR - Let's get all those rumours put to rest.

Dark Horizons reports the following:

'The Sunday Star Times' reports that we may find out who'll be in Peter
Jackson's film adaption of the classic trilogy sooner than expected. Jackson's publicist Sian
Clements said yesterday "The big roles were being cast now and an announcement was likely in
about a month. They would be filled by a mix of famous actors and unknowns". Rumoured names
in the article include the reheated Keanu Reeves, Danny DeVito, and Anthony Hopkins for the
role of Gandalf. Hopkins agent says that while the English actor hasn't shown any interest (he
hasn't seen a script yet), "that's not to say he's not interested". His involvement could also depend
upon how soon "Hannibal" gets off the ground. Thanks to 'Kiwi'.

As we reported before, it seems that Anthony Hopkins is in the mix. Let's hope the cast is announced sooner than later so we can finally quit speculating and start complaining ;-) .

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