An Interview with Hugo Weaving - The Cinematic face of Elrond Answers some Questions

From the Daily Telegraph (Sydney 25/8/2000)

After discussiong the work Hugo is doing on the stage in Sydney at the moment, the following is written:

'When he's finished at the Theatre Royal, he returns to New Zealand to finish shooting The Lord of the Rings.

And then it's off to America for kungfu training for The Matrix sequels. They will shoot some scenes in Los Angeles before bringing the production to Sydney next year.

Scarily, Weaving admits the anticipated Tolien trilogy dwarves (sp?) all before it, even The Matrix.

"Lord of the Rings compared to Matrix, it doesn't compare" he says. "It's huge. The Matrix was huge but it was kind of manageable, I just think it's kind of madness to do three films at once really.

"I think they know that now, but they can't stop. But they are doing a fantastic job." '

The article continues with Hugo saying that he is not interested in working in Hollywood.

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