Alec Trevelyan As Boromir - Sean Bean in Final Negotiations

Ain't it Cool News is reporting that Sean Bean is in final negotiations to play the part of Boromir.

"The actor that New Line and Peter Jackson are currently looking at is Sean Bean (006). Sean is apparently in negotiations and is not quite yet signed, but he is the leading contender at the moment for the role of Boromir... and one source involved in the L.A. realm tells me he's in. Personally, I have taken quite a likening to this casting as Sean Bean is one of those actors we really don't see that much of."

I like this idea. I loved him as Alec Trevelyan in Golden Eye. Every chance that I get to play Golden Eye (y'know--the N64 game!) I pick him as my character. I feel that he will be great in the role.

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