AICN reports McKellen and Holm are In (Updated June 23) - Harry gets the scoop on casting Gandalf and Bilbo.

Harry Knowles is reporting that Ian McKellen and Ian Holm are officially confirmed as gaining the roles of Gandalf and Bilbo. As we reported a bit back, McKellen was in the running for Gandalf... AICN reports that "Ian read all 3 scripts and adored the project and felt it was a great part." Holm, though, is already familiar with Lord of the Rings as he played Frodo in the 13 hour BBC radio Production of LOTR (thanks for the tip, Ryan!).
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Now that these are chosen, I'm really curious to find out who they'll chose to complete the fellowship... we've still got Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli (if the Timothy Spall rumor proves to be false), and Merry to go!.
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Thanks to Aram at Imladris for alerting us!
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