A New Faramir to Replace Ethan Hawke. - Australian Actor gains role...

Do I look like Faramir to you?
Tol Galen has received confirmation that David Wenham will now play Faramir. Here's what they said:

"I got an email from Martyn from across the ditch in Australia last night about who has replaced Ethan as Faramir.

"I`ve had it on good authority that Ethan Hawke is no longer playing Faramir and he has been replaced by the Australian actor David Wenham: famous from the oz movie The Boys."

Tolkien-Movies also said that "the President of New Line, Michael Deluca, recently confirmed that this was so by e-mail. Pics and a bio for Wenham will be posted shortly."

Looks like its pretty much a definite thing!

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