A Nazgul Mount - Not Your Average Armored Horse

Ain't It Cool News received this image of an armored horse,along with the following note:

Dear Harry,

You probably don't remember me .. I sent in some stuff on LOTR a while ago. Well, I was scanning the newspapers on Monday for anything to write inabout LOTR, seeing as how filming was starting then .. and found something just a lil more interesting, i.e. the attachment below. It's one of the many horses being used, decked out in very cool armour. This is NOT, I repeat NOT a film still, just a photo taken by a photographer for a newspaper here. On a side note, I know the location where this photo, and the filming, took place very well, as my brother lives nearby. And I can tell you, as any Wellingtonian can, the area is totally cool. Very Tolkien. Oh yeh, there's an article to go with it, but I'll leave that up to you to say if you want to read it .. I think it's stuff you'd already know.

Keeping my eyes and ears open for ya, Chopcloud

Looks as though this image used for the scene on the way to Bree where Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippen hide behind a tree to avoid the mounted Ringwraith...
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