A Glimpse of The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Edition - LOTR Immersion... 9 1/2 hours worth!

Ted and I just had the opportunity to spend half a day--from 9:30am to 9:30pm--and attend a special screening of the special edition of The Fellowship of the Ring (and 6 hours of documentaries and behind the scenes footage), due to be released on November 12, 2002.

We'll be writing our reviews and will have them online early this week... Allow me to mention, though, that this 3 1/2 hour edition of the film is DEFINITELY the one that long-time fans of LOTR have been waiting for.  The additional scenes (particularly Lothlorien), truly fleshed out the film into a powerful cinematic vision of Middle-earth.  Those of us at the screening agreed that this special edition is even better--much better--than the film released last December.

I think this is the movie that LOTR fans were hoping for in 2001.  Better late than never, eh!? 

And check for our full reviews (if we can remember everything!) early this week.

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