A Fresh Eye on the Fellowship: Chapter 6 - Looking at LOTR from a different point of view

It's a forest!!! What more do I have to say?
It would seem that everything that the hobbits heard about the Old Forest was true after all. Then again it was no surprise that the tree attacked them. After all a bunch of hobbits had a bonfire a few years back and probably burned a few of his friends.

Anyway, the point that I would like to get to is that, once again, nature proves to be master of this world. When I first heard the name Tom Bombadil I figured he was just another hobbit friend of Frodo’s group. There is something more to Mr. Bombadil though as I will no doubt discover in the next chapter.

I was wondering if you fans out there could answer a question for me. I know that there is a book out there called, “The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.” When did this take place and what happened in it? Also, as I read the songs of Tom Bombadil, I couldn’t help but picture Brian Blessed as Tom. If you don’t know who Brian Blessed is then check out the first Black Adder series (he plays Richard IV). He also did the voice for Boss Nass in Episode 1.

One final question. Who, if anyone, was cast to play Tom Bombadil? Please let it be Brian Blessed. I think, no I know, he would do an excellent job.

Just some food for thought,

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