A Fresh Eye on the Fellowship: Chapter 16 - Looking at LOTR from a different point of view

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As the Fellowship puts Caradhras behind them, they decide that the only way is to "Journey Through The Darkness" through Moria. Attacked by Wargs, Gandalf proves that he is to be reckoned with and Legolas proves why he was chosen to be in the group. It was also nice to see a little banter between Gandalf and Pippin. My question is what does Gandalf have against Pippin? Deep down I believe that Gandalf actually likes Pippin more than he is willing to admit.

One of the major points about this chapter I would like to raise is, what seems to be, the demise of Bill the Pony. I don’t think Tolkien would have had Sam go to all of the trouble to save and befriend Bill just to have him left behind outside Moria. I ask all of you fans to please respond to me whether or not Bill is dead or he returns at some later point. I am not asking for spoilers, just whether or not Bill is dead.

The other point I would like to raise is the issue about the mithril. As I read what was said about the mithril I have to wonder if that is what the rings are made of. Also what else was made from mithril? Are there any key items to the story or the mythology of Middle Earth that were made of mithril? It sounds like mithril has many uses.

As a final point, it was nice to see Tolkien tie up the mysterious disappearance of Balin. Now we know that he is dead, but dead from what? That is the question.

Just some food for thought,

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