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Many fans are still discovering that Lord of the Rings will star "normal-sized" actors shrunk down to normal proporations. Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee) speaks briefly about this process -- as well as other types of "adjustments" done in the films.

At the premiere for Blow, Sean Astin walked down the white carpet talking about his work in the upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy. With regards to the digital shrinking technology the filmmakers will employ to make the actors look like Hobbits, Astin began his explanation with humor.

"I think I was digitally shrunk back there. I don't know if I've quite recovered from it. There are all kinds of amazing cinematomfoolery going on down in New Zealand. You want a yes or no answer to the question? Yes. What I've seen is amazing and they've got a lot more work to do before the films are finished."

Astin said Hobbits are supposed to be three feet, six inches tall, but since a movie screen makes that quite subjective, it remains for viewers to determine how the effect works. Regarding the literary adaptation itself, Astin was cagey, but said, "Any time you adapt a movie from a novel, there's going to be adjustments."

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