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"We have been part of what will be a benchmark in movie history. A film of such breathtaking adventure and characters that it has to be seen to be believed. And when you see you will believe."

Sharon of The Unofficial Dominic Monaghan Web Site tells us that she has posted a letter from Dominic Monaghan about this thoughts on the last few days of filming.

Here are some excerpts:

"The four Hobbit boys filmed there last scene as a foursome on Friday, reacting to the coronation. Pete and Fran were on set which was great and bottles of Boli were cracked open and we filmed a gag reel in which we all drank from the bottles in the scene...

"...This week we have finished off Treebeard scenes. Sad to get down from the old guys shoulders for the last time, he's become a good friend. Billy and I would sit up there for hours above the crew drinking from bottles of water and eating cakes, singing songs, stretching our backs out as it's quite uncomfy.

The last day (Friday) is gonna be insane..."

Click on the link below to read Dom's entire letter.

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