'Lord of the Rings' Seeks Gollum Oscar - Internet Movie Database

The makers of the new Lord Of The Rings movie are campaigning for an Oscar for one of their stars - even though he's completely computer generated. The Two Towers producer, Barrie Osborne, and director, Peter Jackson, were so impressed with their animated character Gollum that they believe he deserves recognition in next year's Academy Awards. However, the filmmakers really know that actor Andy Serkis - who voices the skeletal figure - is the one who deserves the credit for making the computer generated role come to life on the big screen. Osborne says, "The performance is really driven by Andy. He deserves a nomination for a Supporting Actor Oscar and we are going to campaign for him to get one." Jackson adds, "Andy create the character. He says the dialogue, he plays the scenes and the computer captures his movement and translates that to the digital version of Gollum."
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