UPDATE: Bruce Campbell wary of Sam Raimi’s “Hobbit”, “Bob Shaye-dy”, and “New Lies Cinema”


Many people have been wondering about the source of this article, and I traced it to an IESB interview with Campbell titled "Catching Up With Bruce Campbell".

How this article hasn't been seen before yesterday is surprising since IESB dates it 27th April 2007.


Rotten Tomatoes posts Bruce Campbell’s thoughts on the matter of Sam Raimi and The Hobbit; the actor seems to have reservations about his friend directing it. The article posted yesterday quotes Bruce Campbell as saying:

Well, I hope they pay Sam his overages like they didn't pay Peter Jackson. Hey, if they ain't paying Peter Jackson overages, I'd be very afraid, but that's me.

And if that’s not all, he seems to be on his guard as he regards Bob Shaye and New Line Cinema:

Bob Shaye-dy? New Lies Cinema? Yeah, these are the guys who distributed the first Evil Dead, don't forget. So, you know, enough said there.

However, he does consider a cameo appearance in the highly anticipated movie as “hopefully someone that torments the hobbit. Hopefully someone who's not the hobbit.


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