The Hobbit Sets Box Office Record for December Opening´╗┐ 

"These ticket sales are looking pretty good...""These ticket sales are looking pretty good..."The Hobbit drew huge crowds on Friday, setting a new December opening day record with an estimated $37.5 million.  The previous record was held (unsurprisingly) by The Return of the King (at $34.5 million).  However, factoring in inflation and 3D/IMAX premium pricing, The Hobbit's attendance was lower than Return of the King, more equaling The Two Towers (which opened at $26.2 million).

The Hobbit also set a December midnight showing record at $13 million, over three times higher than any previous December film.

It's estimated that the film will pull in anywhere between $85 and $105 million this weekend.

Looks like the film will settle in for a nice long holiday run... any predictions on how much it'll pull in worldwide?  The previous 3 films each approached $1 billion--I expect this one to be close too.

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