The Hobbit in 3D? Looks Likely...

The MarketSaw blog interviewed 3ality Digital Systems CEO Steve Schkair, and came out with this interesting bit of information:

Steve's passion for achieving the best possible 3D experiences for his audiences is infectious, and I learned a great deal from speaking with him.  He also gave me the exclusive scoop that Peter Jackson is committing to shoot all his films in 3D, and will be working with 3ality Digital's rigs and technology to do so.

Interesting.  I can't say I'm a huge fan of the 3D setup in theatres as it is (I just saw UP in 3D at a brand new theatre in my neighborhood)--the glasses are goofy and in the way, and--because of those glasses--the movie itself is so much darker.  We'll see if 3D can ever meet the lofty expectations hollywood is setting for it, but I can't see it's current state of existence being a great addition to The Hobbit.

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