The Hobbit and Peter Jackson Talked About by New Line Cinema Founder

Peter Jackson... can there possibly be a Hobbit without him?Peter Jackson... can there possibly be a Hobbit without him?Founder and co-chairman of New Line Cinema, Bob Shaye, has admitted to regretting the loss of Peter Jackson as a friend, but doesn't regret that he gave him an earful in comments late last year.

Shaye told the New York Times that he made those comments "in a moment of emotion"... but had no regrets, other than the regret of "losing a friend."

Interestingly, he declined to say whether or not The Hobbit would be made with Jackson, even though he made clear that he'd not work with him any longer. He also wouldn't say whether Spider-Man director Sam Raimi had been asked to helm The Hobbit.

Lastly, Shaye confirmed that there was no workable script yet for The Hobbit, even though he intends on releasing it in 2009. This is the first anyone's heard of any actual timeframe for the Lord of the Rings prequel... but with it's status so far up in the air we can barely see it, I'm not too sure two years is even realistic.

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